Land, sea or sky. The choice of the best mode of transport is important but the result remains unchanged: the best means for an affordable and professional shipment is Thruex.

Convenience, speed, professionalism.
By any means.


Vuoi una spedizione
praticamente perfetta?
Ci pensiamo noi.

Non preoccuparti. La merce viaggia con tutti i documenti necessari, li prepariamo noi scrupolosamente. Garantiamo la corretta predisposizione delle pratiche doganali per tutte le fasi del trasporto. Con Thruex la tua spedizione ha tutte le carte in regola.

Sea transport

Thruex sea transport sail in waters rich in professionalism and security because we follow every detail of the shipment, from the point of departure to the arrival.
Nothing is left to chance.
We have specialised in this mode of transport for years.
Choosing our shipment by sea means relying on a capillary network of customs operators and foreign correspondents at all the main Italian and international ports.
Precisely for this reason we are able to guarantee customised and innovative solutions that allow considerable savings of time and money, such as direct or consolidated groupage shipments.
Direct groupage services:
– weekly departures from our Vignate platform for all the main destinations in the MIDDLE and FAR EAST, CHINA, INDIA, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA and AUSTRALIA
Consolidated groupage services:
– weekly departures from our Vignate platform for all the main destinations in the MEDITERRANEAN, AFRICA, UNITED STATES, CANADA, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA (Atlantic and Pacific coast)
– all types of full containers (box, reefer, open top, high cube, etc.), to any destination
– faster customs procedures, thanks to the internal customs of our Vignate headquarters
– assistance for export-import documents
The benefits of Thruex sea transport are many:
– possibility of sending any type of goods
fast order processing
secure shipments, guaranteed by special insurance coverage
– use of fast ships, for considerable time savings
dedicated assistance: we prepare all the documentation necessary for the various checks

Air transport

Fly your business with our air shipments!
Thruex is able to provide a comprehensive service following each step of the transport phase, with customised solutions. For all our shipments the landing site is always the same: the best transport solution for our customers.
You will not have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of it all.
We have been organising air transport for many years and for this reason we are able to provide you with a series of exclusive advantages:
multi-weekly departures of our consolidated shipments from/to all the main origins/destinations worldwide
comprehensive and accurate assistance during all the boarding, disembarking and customs clearing procedures to and from all the airports in the world
complete management of all the logistics phases of your shipments, pick-up of goods, palletisation and delivery to our trusted carriers, entirely managed by staff working within our facilities
simplified and speedy procedures , thanks to the internal customs of our Vignate warehouses. With Thruex you will always have secure and fast air shipments. At competitive rates.

Land transport

The Thruex world of land transportation travels quickly and safely. On railway or road. Thanks to our branched distribution network at the main strategic points worldwide, we are
able to organise an economic and reliable shipment every step of the way, guaranteeing you a precise and professional service.
The advantages for those who choose a Thruex overland shipment are many:
– possibility of sending any type of goods to all destinations
– we choose the best combination of means for each country (railway and/or road)
we provide all the necessary transport documentation ourselves, you won’t have to worry about anything
we follow all stages of the transport procedure every step of the way, from packaging goods to delivery



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